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WFC receives philanthropic donation of kit

The club was recently emailed by someone who used to fence, but had given up the sport 6-7 years ago. As they were no longer fencing, they had generously decided to donate their kit to the club (as their son used to fence here). Thrilled with the philanthropic offer, the club asked the donor if we could donate £100 to a charity of his choice to say thank you for the kit. He chose the Alzheimer’s Society and the club has made a donation on his behalf.

The donated kit consisted of:

  • large jacket
  • large breeches
  • large plastron
  • 2x small gloves
  • 1x medium glove
  • 1x large glove
  • pair of socks
  • 2x electric epee (pistol)
  • 2x electric foil (french)
  • 1x steam foil (french)
  • 3x epee wire
  • 2x bayonet wire
  • 2x epee masks
  • spare epee guard and pistol grip
  • tool box with epee wires, spare tips, rewiring chain, allen keys etc
  • big Leon Paul bag to hold it all