Beginners’ Courses

Next course starts Wednesday 20th September – Tickets on sale below

Why Fencing?

Ever wanted to compete in a sport where success competition is solely down to your own efforts, matching your skills and intellect against those of a single opponent, where women compete equally with men?

Foil_final-25_prvRegular fencing training can be an aid in improving coordination and general fitness for people of all ages.  Fencing is the perfect all-year-round sport.
Fencing provides all the benefits of aerobic exercise (improved health, good weight control, positive effects on breathing, blood supply, muscles and bones).

It also provides the mental stimulation that some find lacking in gym training or running.

Fencing can be a lifelong sport.  It can be started as a child and carried on as long as one wishes.  There are certainly people who are still fencing into their 70s, and there is an active veterans association to support them.

Come Join The Fun!

If you would like to take up the sport we run two beginners’ courses a year (Normally February and September). Courses run on Wednesday evenings from 20:00 until 21:30.

What you get for your money:

  • Loan of all necessary equipment.
  • 10 weeks of group coaching (groups no larger than 12 people) led by one of our qualified coaches. Including an introduction to electric fencing, épée and sabre fencing and competition poules.
  • British Fencing Level 2 certification on completion of the course
  • 1 year BF Membership (worth £15) on completion of the course
  • Open to anyone over the age of 16.

Tickets are now on sale: