Club Committee

The Watford Fencing Club committee are all paying members of the club that volunteer their time to develop and run the club.

Chairman – Florent Boyer

Florent joined the committee in 2011 and, after becoming our Chairman in 2017, is responsible for the smooth running and development of the club.

Florent is a skilled foilist.

Treasurer – Ed Johnson
Ed joined the committee in 2022 and is a competitive sabreur!
Ed is responsible for all financial matters.
Secretary – Hefin Rhys

Hefin joined the committee in 2017, and is the person to speak to in regards to most things within the club, if he does not know, he will know who to point you in the direction of.

He is a Foil fencer but will occasionally try his hand at the other weapons.

Membership Secretary – Liz Webster

Liz joined WFC on the Beginners’ Course in 2013 and became part of the committee in 2016 as a member rep and will soon be taking over as Membership Secretary. She is a Sabre fencer and always on the lookout for people to come and give this awesome weapon a try.

Member Representative – Mike Ellis

Mike joined the committee in 2017 after a previous term as Chairman of Three Rivers Young Blades (now FCL Herts). He started fencing a few years ago on the beginners course at WFC after a successful TRYB Parents taster session!

He aims to represent the voice of the members on the WFC committee as well as representing the club with Herts Fencing Association.